Dave’s Gone By Song (3/16/03): DON’T MESS WITH US (w/ Rabbi Sol Solomon)


Rabbi Sol Solomon sings a Purim song about the resilience of the Jews.

Segment originally aired March 16, 2003, as part of the “Dave’s Gone By” radio program hosted by Dave Lefkowitz.

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If you try to kill the Jews
Here’s a little piece of news:
God will stop you, and he’ll drop you dead instead
He got Hitler
He got Haman
And a dozen I’m not namin’
So don’t mess with the Jews
Or you’ll lose

If your aim is genocide
Then you’d better run and hide
`cause HaShem will turn the tide until you drown
Every exile and pogrom
We’ve emerged triumphant from
`Cause the Lord is our sword and our drum

So if you’re a neo-Nazi
And you think you’re hotsy-totsy
Or you’re blowing up civilians on a bus
You had best leave us alone
Or we’ll hora on your bones
You’ll be stuck, Chuck, so don’t muck with us.

So listen here, you goyim
Every girl and every boyim
Anti-Semitism brings you only tears
`Cause HaShem is in our corner
He will make your mom a mourner
For the sake of your kids
Be a friend to the Yids
Treat us nice, treat us well
Or you’ll barbecue in hell
It’s been like this for 5000 years.

Yagga dagga dagga dee, bugga bye
Buh buh buh buh bumm
Yooy booy bye bye dye byeyubuh
Yubba bubba bumm, hoy!

©2003 David Lefkowitz

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