Dave’s Gone By Song (12/9/04): IS IT GOOD FOR THE JEWS? w/ Rabbi Sol Solomon

ZZ-Song-IsItGoodfortheJewsA song of questioning from Rabbi Sol Solomon.

Segment originally aired Dec. 9, 2004, as part of the “Dave’s Gone By” radio program hosted by Dave Lefkowitz.

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by Rabbi Sol Solomon (as transcribed by David Lefkowitz)

Is it good for the Jews?
Do we win? Do we lose?
Should we laugh? Should we cry?
666 or maybe chai?

Is it righteous
Is it wrong?
Is it relevant to this song?
Weigh the subtext and the clues
As they pertain to Jews.

Ask the Rebbe, ask the mohel
Is it good for Yisroel?
Do we dance or sing the blues
Is it good, goddammit, for the Jew?

Does it mollify? Does it harm?
Does it qualify for alarm?
Is the danger far or near?
Is it joy or oy vey iz mir?

Is it heaven? Is it hell?
Do we gasp, or do we kvell?
A mound of gold or a pile of shoes
Is it good . . . ?

©2004 David Lefkowitz

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