Dave’s Gone By Song (8/24/13): UNDIES

ZZSong-UndiesAt last, Joey Eugene Gallegos, the Greeley Underwear Bandit, has been apprehended, and here is his song.

For the backstory on this song:  http://www.denverpost.com/2013/08/21/greeley-police-arrest-suspected-underwear-thief/

Song aired Aug. 24, 2013, as part of the “Dave’s Gone By” radio program hosted by Dave Lefkowitz.

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by David Lefkowitz (music: Dandy by The Kinks)

Undies Undies
Sittin’ in the laundry
Puts me in a quand’ry

The women in this town
Will bring their laundry down
They’ll leave their clothes on spin
Then I’ll sneak in for

Undies Undies
Beautiful selection
Just for my collection

It’s wrong to be a thief
But I need some relief
I know I’m breaking laws
To steal the bras and

Panties Panties
When nobody watches
I sniff the crotches

I’ve got 300 pair
Of ladies’ underwear
It’s wrong, but I don’t care
Because I long for

Undies Undies Undies.

It’s just a bit of naughty fun
And now they keep me on the run
Well, I’m not hurting anyone

`Cause when I get them home I take them from my gunny sack
And once I’ve shot my load in `em, they’re welcome to them back

Oh, Undies Undies
Beautiful selection
Gives me an erection

And when I’m put away
No longer will I play
I’ll sit and dream all day
Of undies all my life
All my life
All my life
All my life . . .

(c)2013 David Lefkowitz

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