Dave’s Gone By Song (3/23/03): WHEN BUSHIE GOES MARCHING IN

ZZSong-WhenBushieGoesDave’s rah-rah ballad to mark the start of the war in Iraq.

Segment originally aired March 23, 2003, as part of the “Dave’s Gone By” radio program hosted by Dave Lefkowitz.

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by David Lefkowitz (sung to “When Johnny Comes Marching Home” by Patrick Gilmore)

When Bushie goes marching in again
Iraq, Iraq
His useless dad can grin again
Iraq, Iraq
The job he botched in `91
Will get cleaned up by his evil song
The fun begins as Bushie goes marching in.

It’s time to make the Muslims see
Iraq, Iraq
That they should live like you and me
Iraq, Iraq
That it is right and it is good
To smoke and drink and eat fast food
And to watch TV when Bushie goes marching in

Who flew the planes on 9-11?
Iraq, Iraq
And when the dirty deed was done
Iraq, Iraq
We blamed it on Osama bin Laden
But soon his name was nearly forgotten
Don’t look for sense when Bushie goes marching in.

The French, the Russians and Chinese
Iraq, Iraq
Make hypocritical calls for peace
Iraq, Iraq
But Bush and Cheney, they don’t care
So what if they sacrifice Tony Blair?
You can smell the sleaze everywhere
When Bushie goes marching in

And if a few Americans die
Iraq, Iraq
If poison gas makes children cry
Iraq, Iraq
That’s just the price we pay, you know,
For Haliburton’s portfolio
It’ll go sky-high so Bushie goes marching in.

The more things change the more they don’t
Iraq, Iraq
With Bush in charge, they surely won’t
Iraq, Iraq
`Cause moguls do whatever they wanna
When there’s a pax Americana
It’s all death and dishonna
When Bushie goes marching in
When Bushie goes marching in
When Bushie goes marching in
When Bushie goes marching in . . .

©2003 David Lefkowitz

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