Dave’s Gone By #43 (8/3/03): THE MUSIC MAN

a1host: Dave Lefkowitz

Note: an all-music show while Dave’s out of town

00:00:001  DAVE GOES IN: Out of town for the week, Dave’s prepared an all-musical program, including (see Playlist below):
00:57:00   DAVE GOES OUT: How to keep in touch with Dave’s Gone By.

Aug. 3, 2003 Playlist: “The Golden Age” (00:02:00 Beck); Morningless Dreamer (00:07:00; Mary Lorson w/ St. Low); “Want To” (00:09:00), “Raging Child” (00:36:00) & “Annie, Roll Down Your Window” (00:46:00; Mary Fahl). “Miss Sarajevo” (00:13:00; Passengers {aka U2}); “Vanilla Sun” (00:20:00; Trish Murphy); “I Will Take Care of You” (00:22:00; Susanna Hoffs). “Bad Luck” (00:30:00; Royal City). “I Love the Unknown” (00:33:00; Clem Snide). “Bittersweetheart” (00:42:00; Ed Harcourt). “It’s Not” (00:50:00; Aimee Mann).