Dave’s Gone By #385 (5/12/12): On the Leavell


Featuring: Dave chats with musician Chuck Leavell. Plus: Inside Broadway (Impresario), Bob Dylan – Sooner & Later (awards), Saturday Segue (bank ruptures) and Rabbi Sol Solomon (arresting the molesting).

Host: Dave Lefkowitz

Guest: musician Chuck Leavell

00:00:01 DAVE GOES IN
00:08:30 DAVE GOES OFF – Bank Incident
00:22:00 SATURDAY SEGUE – bank ruptures
00:45:00 Sponsors
00:57:00 GUEST: Chuck Leavell
01:55:00 BOB DYLAN – Sooner & Later (awards)
02:27:00 Friends
02:31:30 RABBI SOL SOLOMON’S RABBINICAL REFLECTION – Arresting the Molesting
02:41:00 INSIDE BROADWAY (news & Impresario (02:51:00))
02:57:00 DAVE GOES OUT

May 12, 2012 Playlist: “The Hold-Up” (00:22:00; David Bromberg). “Raised on Robbery” (00:25:00; Joni Mitchell). “Stealin” (00:28:30; Memphis Jug Band). “Bankrupt Blues” (00:31:30; Dr. Selavy’s Magic Theater, off-Broadway cast). “Heavenly Bank Account” (00:33:00; Frank Zappa). “Bank Vault in Heaven” (00:36:30; Richard Thompson). “Back to Zero” (00:53:00), “Out of Tears” (01:14:00) & “Shine a Light” ({live, Stripped version} 01:45:00; The Rolling Stones). “Changing of the Guards” (01:56:00), “Lenny Bruce” (02:03:00), “Covenant Woman” (02:07:00), “John Brown” {Witmark version} (02:13:00), “2 X 2” (02:17:30) & “To Be Alone with You” (02:21:00; Bob Dylan). “We’re Going In” (02:46:00; Silence! The Musical off-Broadway cast).

(Pictured from top – Chuck Leavell, bank rupture, Gil Moon in Impresario, Dylan getting The Medal of Freedom.)

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