Dave’s Gone By #284 (7/27/08): NEW YEAR’S 2008 II – THE GUESTS ARRIVE

a1host: Dave Lefkowitz
co-host: Joyce Weil
Guests: Tom Ross, Curry Kid, Pat O’Brien, Rob Kowal, Jeff Goodman, Cory

featuring: Part two of Dave hosting New Year’s Eve 2007-08 at WGBB. Featuring Dave’s wife Joyce Weil and visits from program director Tom Ross, traffic director Curry Kid, show host Pat O’Brien and sports programmer Rob Kowal. Plus: Jeff Goodman at a party.

0:00:01  DAVE GOES IN
00:03:00  GUEST: WGBB traffic director Curry Kid
00:15:00  SKIT: Baba Flem Da w/ Joyce Weil
00:34:00  GUEST: WGBB sports producer Rob Kowal
00:40:00  GUEST: WGBB host Pat O’Brien
00:45:00  GUEST: WGBB program director Tom Ross (recorded segment mostly deleted – sorry!)
00:49:00  GUESTS: Jeff Goodman, Cory & other party people.
(pictured: Curry Kid, Rob Kowal, Pat O’Brien, Tom Ross, Dave & Jeff Goodman)

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