Dave’s Gone By #197 (11/26/06): O 69!

Featuring: Dave’s trip to Dallas, TX, including manatees and gay bingo. Plus: Rabbi Sol Solomon’s Celebrity Apology Service.

host: Dave Lefkowitz
guest: Rabbi Sol Solomon

00:00:01  Pre-Show: O.J.’s Book
00:10:00  DAVE GOES IN
00:19:00  DAVE GOES AWAY: Dallas (glorious manatees (00:24:00))
00:49:00  SKIT: Rabbi Sol’s Celebrity Apology Service
00:55:00  DAVE GOES AWAY – Dallas, pt. 2 – Gay Bingo
01:10:00  DAVE GOES OUT

November 26, 2006 Playlist: “Big D.”

(The Most Happy Fella), “The Yellow Rose of Texas.”

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