Dave’s Gone By #194 (10/29/06): FINAL EXIT STRATEGY

a1host: Dave Lefkowitz

guest: author Michael Largo

Featuring: Dave chats with author Michael Largo (“Final Exits”) about odd deaths. Plus: Dave’s wife, Joyce, and the skit, Out-Foxed.

00:00:01  Pre-Show: The Fox Ad
00:03:00  DAVE GOES IN
00:14:00  GUEST: Michael Largo
00:47:00  SKIT: “Out-Foxed”
00:51:00  Dave’s Wrap-Up
00:55:00  DAVE & JOYCE – No Offense
00:70:00  DAVE GOES OUT

October 29, 2006 Playlist: “My Transylvanian” (Tsufit), ” “My Son, the Vampire” (Allan Sherman).

(pictured: Michael Largo, Michael J. Fox)

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