Dave’s Gone By #29 (4/20/03): SETTING A GOOD EGG SAMPLE

host: Dave Lefkowitz

Featuring: Dave has a day in New York, plus gets cultural and offers the satirical News Gone By.
Note: The only extant recording of the first 10 minutes of this episode was taped from a radio broadcast. Apologies for the sound quality!

00:00:01  DAVE GOES IN – Dave’s Day (A day in Manhattan, with cops, hot dogs, fireworks, plus a visit to Urban Cowboy, Bartenders and Zanna Don’t!)
00:24:00  NEWS GONE BY (State Farm Cameras, Della Reese, Lesbian Kiss; Atkins Die-t; The Colossal Colon; Stutter Students; Chicken Chopper; Knife in the Terrier; Paint Theft; Rodney King Drives Away; Liquid Wrench; Government Surfing; Mammary Molars (w/ Bad Pun of the Week); Big Lurch; What Would Jesus Eat?; Rod McKuen’s Place; Carl Lewis’ Seoul Power; Bitches’ Ashes).
00:43:00  DAVE’S GONE CULTURAL (Jesus Christ Superstar)
00:53:00  DAVE GOES OUT

April 20, 2003 Playlist: “Easter Parade” (Al Jolson, 19:00), “Could We Start Again, Please?” & “John Nineteen: Forty-One” (Jesus Christ Superstar), “In the Mood” (Ray Stevens).


(pictured: Zanna Don’t, Urban Cowboy, Jesus Christ Superstar)

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