Dave’s Gone By #4 (10/27/02): PRETTY SPOOKY, HUH KIDS?

host: Dave Lefkowitz
Guest: actress Karen Young

Featuring: Guest – actress Karen Young. Plus: the satirical News Gone By, Skits (Trick or Treat, Pre-Tampered Yummies), World Weird Web (Rotten.com, Brother Theodore)

00:00:01 DAVE GOES IN
00:02:00 NEWS GONE BY
00:16:30 SKIT: Pre-Tampered Yummies (w/ Karen Young)
00:22:30 DAVE’S GOT GUESTS: Karen Young
00:37:30 SKIT: Trick or Treat (w/ Karen Young)
00:41:00 WORLD WEIRD WEB – Rotten.com (00:40:00) & Brother Theodore (00:46:00)

Oct. 27, 2002 Playlist: “The Party’s Over” (00:05:30; Bells Are Ringing, original cast); “Sniper’s Lullaby” (00:12:00; Dave Lefkowitz w/ Eddie & the Moonshiners); “Little Water Song” (00:18:30; Ute Lemper); Brother Theodore (00:48:00; audioclip from film “That’s Adequate”), “Get Out of My House” (00:51:30; Kate Bush); “Fawn” (00:54:00; Tom Waits).

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