Dave’s Gone By #3 (10/20/02): THIRD TIME AROUND


host: Dave Lefkowitz
Featuring: Dave chats with angry LIPA guy Kip Kohn, Plus: The News Gone By, Skits (Chief Moist Elk & The Puff Sullivan Letter), the World Weird Web, Inside Broadway (Say Goodnight, Gracie), and a birthday tribute to Tom Petty.

Guest: LIPA adversary Kip Kohn

00:02:00 NEWS GONE BY w/ Kip Kohn, “the angry LIPA guy” (03:30:00)
00:15:00 SKIT: “A Pox on You” (w/ Chief Moist Elk)
00:21:30 SKIT: The Puff Sullivan Letter
00:29:30 WORLD WEIRD WEB – “Comic Strips”
00:38:00 BIRTHDAY TRIBUTE – Tom Petty
00:42:00 DAVE’S GONE CULTURAL – Say Goodnight, Gracie
00:53:00 DAVE GOES OUT

Oct. 20, 2002 Playlist: “Comic Strip” (00:31:00; Serge Gainsbourg w/ Brigitte Bardot), “Feel A Whole Lot Better” (00:37:00; Tom Petty). “Easy Money” (00:46:30; “The Life,” concept recording, vocal: George Burns);“You’re Nobody Till Somebody Loves You” (00:49:00; Shooby Taylor, unreleased recording).


(Pictured: Smallpox Road, Kip Kohn, Tom Petty, Maakies, Say Goodnight Gracie.)

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